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Found 28th Jan
My HP laptop completely crashed after I shut the lid too hard last week. The current error message is the C drive is locked so unable to restore windows. I have tried various dos commands without any luck. Is there anyone who can help me restore this please?

Originally a Win 8 prog now running Win 10.

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Can you see the drive in the BIOS? If 'Yes' see below.

Well first port of call when you can't recover from the source drive is to run the repair tool on a Windows CD/DVD.

If that fails I usually put it in another computer and try and recover as many files as possible. Then reformat the drive and reinstall windows and files.

If that fails I usually curse myself for not backing up my data regularly enough smash it to bits with a hammer and order a new drive off Amazon!
As per Gavin. Try repair. If it fails, take the disk out and try to scavenge data. Tools like Perfectdisk may help

When you do reformat the drive, create 2 partitions. C: at 100g and D: for the rest. Put windows on C:. Put your data on D: and repoint all shortcuts. That way, a future windows reload does not destroy your data
All HP laptop have a recovery partition (providing it has not been removed) from power on keep tapping F11 if it does not go into HP recovery then the hard drive is knackered. If it goes into recovery as above try to remove the hard drive to recover the files from another computer.
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