Laptop Experts - GoPro video editing laptop required

    Looking for a laptop I can take away with me and edit all of my gopro footage. I have a budget of £500, would like to get as much laptop for my money as possible.

    I thought it was all about getting RAM but researching I need processor and graphics cards but there is so many to choose from and so many combinations. What do I need?

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    A video is a video - to edit high quality video you need ram and processing
    Graphic cards are only needed to play high end games

    Basically so long as you have a good processor i5 or i7 (for example) and 4 or 8gb ram you could use an onboard graphic card

    I've got any old Acer Aspire 5315 (with 2gb ram and SSD) and I did use it for Cyberlink's PowerDirector (not the best editor but suited my needs) OK it took ages to render etc but was still capable of video editing
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