laptop fan possible overheating / any ideas

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Found 11th Feb 2010
so heres the thing, my laptop fan has being going crazy last couple of days, its been really loud and never had anything like this before. If i lift the laptop it will stop it , but if i sit it on anything it will do it again, i have tryed lifting it in awkward positions such as the bottom half of laptop up in air etc. Its not sittin on anything warm, i mean simple things like wooden and metal tables. Is this a sign of overheating ? It does it straight away though so not like after its been sitting for hours .. is there anything else that can be causing this ?


....... get your self something to sit it on when not using it at a table or desk, keep the air in take clear. Also if you can open it up to get to the out let for the air, it may have become clogged up with dust and hair etc that has been dragged through. I have to do mine every 6 months or so, they get clogged up easily. Not all laptop fans are easily accessible tho.


As sooty73 says, its probably the air intake, im sure its just dust

I would buy what is called a can of air, its just like it sounds, from a computer shop, comes with a nozzle and small pipe will blow out all the dust.

as a cheap way to lift it up when on a table, buy two rubber door wedges, and put under the back.

someone gave me one that was shutting down after 2 mins of starting it up, i opened it up and all the fan was clogged so it was overheating instantly, hoovered the fan out, laptop works 100% now, its worth the hassle of opening it up

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Thanks for the replys everyone, will give it an open later and see what happens.


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