Laptop first time buyer

    My daughter of 22 wants to buy a laptop basically for chatting on line and listening to music. Her budget is £300. Any recommendations regarding what we should look for/avoid? Also, best place to buy.


    [FONT="Verdana"]Hello There, other than the online chatting and playing music would she be doing anything else like computer gaming, burning CDs/DVDs, etc? If not then you might want to consider purchasing a netbook, as they are quite compact to use and there are several deals for them on this website.

    On a final note have you tried filtering the deal results to show only computers, to see what other deals are on the go for laptops? Just a thought mate, as there is also brand new and refurbished notebook deals posted.

    Cheers, Scotty Boy! :thumbsup:[/FONT]

    As mentioned by Scotty Boy a NetBook could be an ideal first time laptop, since they can be cheap and will happily cope with all the basic internet/office related tasks.

    If however she does want something that has all the bells and wistles, I suggest waiting until she can afford this one....…123

    If I wasn't addicted to X-Series Thinkpads, I would have bought this one myself. Compact, versatile and a killer price.

    As opposed to the acer mentioned above, I would recommend this Toshiba machine, could work out cheaper. Its also a compact machine but remember the short window to claim the cashback.…003

    why don't you try they have a load under £300 you could try this Toshiba Satellite Pro L300-1AD - C 575 2 GHz - 15.4 Inch TFT - PSLB9E-00J003EN it is £299.97 and if you order any accessory then you get free delivery, :-D

    You could try Argos as they are selling off a Medion laptop for £329 (and I think it includes a free case) and it has a very respectable spec with 250 gb hard drive so would adequately cope should your daughter decide to use it for more complex tasks.

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