Laptop for 14 year old

Found 6th Sep 2017
My DD whom is 13 has just started year 9, she's almost 14 hence the title. We think she would benefit from a laptop for her school work.
She already has an ipad which she does use a lot (for schoolwork and more)..

Is there anyone who could advise on what sort of laptop would do her well for the next few years?

AIUI most school work is done via the MS group of programs and although an understanding of apple software can help in certain professions, MS is the basic to build upon.

I think we could make most options work. I'm more interested in which would work best for her. Many thanks for your time.
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A got a cheap little hp convertible for school as he had a MacBook for Home but I would get damaged at school if needed to take in
What's a DD?


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What's a DD?

a) A healthy bra size
b) demanding daughter
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What's a DD?AIUI?

Dear Daughter
As I Understand it
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