Laptop for £200-£250 required (New)

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Found 13th Jan 2009
My relative wants a laptop, mainly just for surfing and Word processing + simple games.

Yup the budget is a mere £200-£250 but they aren't expecting the world, just a single core with 1GB RAM is fine, has anyone seen any this cheap from a decent shop with 12 month Warranty?


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I have a 2.4ghz with 512mb ram dell laptop, built in wifi....ect i could do for £150. Can upgrade memory cheaply too!

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We don't want 2nd hand, only New from a shop, sorry.

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Looks quite good, it could be worth a visit to have a look, thanks for the info.
Still a bit over budget though.

doubt you will get a new laptop for 200-250, in that price range you'll only find netbooks.
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