laptop for £400 ish

Found 28th Apr 2009
hi i have found the below 2 laptops and wonder if anyone can give me advice on which one to go for or point me towards any other. i know the second lap top is over 500 quid but i can get it for £400 cheers for any help


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Having has a look at the specs they seem very similar spec wise, and if you can get the Samsung for £400 they are similar price wise.

The are so similar it may come down to "small" items that sway you one way or the other.

The HP has an AMD cpu, and the Samung an Intel cpu. Some may say the Intel is "best" for a laptop cpu. The Intel does seem a more powerful CPU if you look at these comparison charts.


The HP has an ATI HD3200 graphics chip, the Samsung an Intel X4500, but you will need someone who knows more about graphics than me to say which is "best".

The HP has an 8 cell battery, the Samsung a 6 cell battery and I believe the more cells a battery the longer it lasts.

The Samsung does have one of those "glossy" cases, and a friend of mine who has a Toshiba with a glossy case says they show up all the dust and fingerprints.

So unless someone else can say one is a lot better than the other I would say there is not a lot in it (although the Intel CPU is beter than the AMD CPU) and it is up to you which you prefer.
hi thanks for the direct links and the info. cheers for the info all help appreciated
I have the samsung one and it is a very good pc and would highly recommend , i also have a hp laptop but not the one you are looking at but it is similar.

I would recommend the samsung if you can get this for £400 and do not want to extend your warranty,but if you want to extend your warranty then go for the hp as to extend the samsung to 3 yrs will cost you over £200 the hp is just over £100
cheers i am starting to lean towards to the samsung with the exception of bluetooth it seems to just edge it
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