Laptop For 40th Birthday

    Im looking at buying the other half a laptop for her 40th birthday in a months time. I thought id ask you guys and girls as ive just done my head in trawling through fleabay and not really knowing what is a good deal and whats not. So if anyone can give me some friendly advice into what would be a good deal over the next few weeks id appreciate it very much.

    Im after a 15" widescreen with a reasonable cpu. Its not gonna be used for games at all so gfx aint gonna be a problem if its shared. Prefer 1gig memory or more, a nice size hdd of 100gig + and it has to be wifi. Im not bothered at all about OS as ill format it and stick on XP pro anyway.

    I did look at the Dell 6400 which seem to be nice machines with the truelife screen... they did have some on the factory outlet returns site but were looking at £380 and then delivery on top of that. Im looking at a price of £300-£400 max. Many thanx... if its worth waiting for a Dell weekly special then please say ;-)


    yeah i would wait till next thursday for the dell deals if not try this ]Laptopfrom ebuyer

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    Now i know to look out for Thursday deals ill keep my eyes peeled. That one looks ok from ebuyer but the specs of the Dell machines on here recently look better to me with a price tag to match. Many thanx for the reply :-D

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    Have just bought her an Inspiron 1300 off fleabay for a really good price. The guy seems nice and responsive, and it came with loads of extras like case, external dvd-rw and wireless router. Touch wood *knock knock* everything will be ok, its not top spec but for what shes gonna be needing it for it will more than do. This one has the 15.4widescreen and for the price i think it was a bargain. Its for her 40th so dont wanna be let down !

    Are you in business? If so you can get free delivery from Dell without even begging. It makes a brilliant saving if you can get it OR get someone to buy it for you in business maybe?

    I phone Dell direct for all my orders and have saved a fortune over the years.

    are the new dell deals out today ?

    i think all the dell deals are on:
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