Laptop for about £350

    Hi everyone, I've been charged with looking for a laptop for a "computer-noob" friend of mine. I've looked everywhere for a decent dual-core based lappy for this price, and have had no luck (Windows 7 would be a bonus as well) Are there any on the market ATM?

    It will be used indoors mainly, so battery life doesn't have to be amazing, and if I could nip into a shop and pick one up for him that would be even better (He's scared of buying on the net in case he gets hacked)

    Many thanks in advance : )


    Quite a few Dual Cores here…=10

    A few refurbished laptops here…htm

    Personally I love my Dells check out…=mn

    Good luck!

    Edit: As for walking into a store to pick one up, I've never seen a good deal which was nationwide in stores, each one will have different deals on ex displays and clearance laptops, you'd be best just walking into Currys, find a £400 laptop and try to haggle them down.

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    Many thanks for your help. Does anyone know if Dell have any deals at the moment for laptops around this price?

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    Sorry to double post, but are any of these laptops at Tesco (for around that price) any good?


    Many thanks : )
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