Laptop For an 11yo

Posted 25th May 2020
So my daughters birthday is coming up, and she wants this laptop:….ds

She will mainly want to watch you tube, Tik-tok, etc... with homework for high school next year.
Now my question is apart from the colour which she really wants, what is the best spec alternative I can get for my money, because for me the pink isn’t a reason to buy poor spec. Any thoughts please ?
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With laptops and young people you can almost assume the keyboard may require replacing one day. Not a task for the faint hearted with the HP stream.

I'd google any model and add the keywords 'ifixit' or 'keyboard replacement' then see if it's a 10 minute job. Then you can rest easy that any keyboard damage or spills will be a simple DIY at home job.
nemesiz25/05/2020 10:41


Going to stick with laptop she wants budget wise, so £200
Hopefully enough for what she needs !
Alright_Dave25/05/2020 11:02

Going to stick with laptop she wants budget wise, so £200Hopefully enough …Going to stick with laptop she wants budget wise, so £200Hopefully enough for what she needs !

For what she needs would you not be better looking at some form of Chromebook? No money spent on a Windows license, pretty much virus free and everything she wants to do is web browser based anyway.
Been a while since I looked but sure £200-£250 would get a reasonable one.
I second the Chromebook idea, much more for your money
They run out of space so easily, run really slow etc.. If you can't stretch your budget a little more it might be worth looking at a secondhand laptop. Something with more HD space and a better processor etc..
2GB Ram and 32GB Storage is going to be painful, it's barely a laptop, most phones and tablets are better these days.
I have a Windows tablet with 2GB/32GB, very painful to use. Don't bother. Minimum 4GB RAM and 64GB storage is what I'd recommend (64GB may not be enough if much software needs to be downloaded).

Make sure the CPU and GPU are both not complete junk as well before buying. I'm not an expert on that stuff but a quick search should show you some info.
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If £250 were the limit I'd be looking an an ex-corporate laptop with a 256GB SSD and >= 4GB RAM. A much better experience than a new £250 one. Won't wash if you look down on used computers though. Also consider going for a 15" screen, better for serious work or if you as a parent are looking over daughters shoulder to help with something.
2GB RAM and 32GB SSD isn't sufficient, plus it's £200 when you add to basket as the company excludes VAT on the initial price. Honestly? Your best best is Ebay or Amazon.
dont buy it, pointless not fit for purpose. for a laptop you need to be looking at £300-350 for a bog standard one for school and youtube. otherwise it will be slow and sluggish and you will be buying another in 6 month..

i didnt realise high schools were in the uk now..
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