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Found 12th Oct 2016
Hi all what's a good basic Laptop for around 150-200 mark it's basically just for my aunt to surf n Skype on so nothing too fancy

As always any suggestions are gratefully received

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If she'd like a tablet too and be ok with a small screen I recommend the asus t100ta hybrid laptop/tablet (which runs Windows 8/10). My t100 is super fast due as they use flash memory with a decent processor. She can skype and heck even run high end developer software. A quick look on eBay shows me they're around £150 I have the 64gb flash hdd with an an added 64gb micro sd space with the intel z3740 processor and have to say it's blazingly fast. (12 sec boot and very snappy)
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If she has good eyesight, then the 10 inch Lynx gets good reviews.…h=1
There are plenty of good Chromebooks around £200 too, and no need to worry about viruses or updates with them. This one is only £110.

I agree with mopages about Asus laptops. Here's another one here, for £190, with a 14 inch screen.

Hope you get something sorted out for her.

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That's really kind, cheers as always for your help

The amount of lynx tablets not working on eBay would give me cause for concern. Another concern is that there are not any after market batteries available for it either. Lenovo Miix 3 on the other hand is a far better machine. I had one and regret selling it in some respects. I have a Lenovo yoga 300 bought from Argos refurb site. Nice machine for £104.99 but if she only wants it for surfing and Skype you will be better off buying an android tablet or chrome book as a windows operating system would be wasted on her.
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Cheers to be honest I'm looking more at la

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Looking more at laptop because of her eyesight n also she's using to laptop as couldn't work tablet b4

Cheers though so far

You could always look at second hand or refurbished Lenovo X220/X230 Series ThinkPads OP - you can get them for a decent price via eBay or other online resellers, with the bulk of them (specifically the X220 Series) coming with Windows 7 Professional COA Licenses or Windows 8/8.1 Professional COA Licenses (specifically the X230 Series). Just something to consider, as at least that way you can upgrade the internal storage on them along with the RAM but also it wouldn't be a sealed unit (like a tablet would be) in the event you need to carry out any upgrades or repairs in the future.

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