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    Hi im looking to purchase a laptop/chromebook for basic use (e.g word & internet browsing). i would prefer it to have a DVD drive, reasonable amount of storage & something with a good battery life. my budget is around £300. I had a look online and found a few that have caught my interest.

    Acer chromebook 15.6 & lenovo thinkpad 11.6 chromebook.

    I would be grateful if anyone can recommened anything suitable.



    Chromebooks don't come with DVD drive though?

    I love my chromebook and it's what I use for browsing. It doesn't have word but you can use google docs.

    If word and dvd drive are your must have requirements, then maybe look for an i3 with SSD?

    Not sure what your intended use of the DVD drive was on a Chromebook but.....…eo/
    it's a lot of hassle if you just wanted it for playing movies.

    Chromebook and Word won't work. Chromebooks are just for web browsing really. I've got one and it's great, but for Word I also have a Windows laptop. Google docs is OK, but it's no match for Word. Wireless printing from a Chromebook is also a bit of a hassle.

    Given your limited requirements, avoiding Chromebooks the following seems to fit the bill…tml
    Reduced by £50 to £219.99 is a good deal.
    Install, LibreOffice which is a good Ms Word equivalent. Personally, I'd save a bit more money until I could afford an i3 processor machine.

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    Hi guys thank you all for your feedback. As you can probably tell i dont know much about laptops but basically i just wanted something to use as general browsing & filling out job applications/CV etc. The DVD requirement was for my sister to practice for her theory test - but i guess she can do that on our old pc...

    I just want something thats good value for money but also fits the budget.

    thanks x

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