Laptop For Football Manager 2011 & Beyond

Found 27th Jan 2011
I'm in the market for a new laptop and I'm no longer up to speed with the current technology when it comes to laptops.

Tesco currently have 20% off all laptops but I can't figure out which one is good enough for my needs despite reading various reviews so I'm hoping you guys can help me out..

Apart from the ability to play Football Manager 2011, I need the laptop to ideally have bluetooth (although new ones don't seem to have it for some reason).
hdmi is pretty much essential and also wireless n if possible for the future.
Football Manager will be the only 'proper' game the machine will ever see.

Please note that some of the specs listed on Tesco website are incorrect, but those of you in the know probably know that already!

Budget is around £400.
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The Dell inspiron 1545 I think I have. That's just over 300 in tesco. Works fine for me on football manager 2011
Thanks for that. Can I ask you to please provide a link to the one you have via the tesco website?
Dell ones are here

Also, does yours have webcam, as I forgot to mention I could do with one, as well as hdmi?
Edited by: "cymru1978" 27th Jan 2011
The Dell inspiron 1545 does have a webcam but doesnt have HDMI matey
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