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Hi evreryone.

Im hoping someone can help me please.I know there is loads of laptop requests but i dont know what all the specs mean and if i go into say, pc world,they will know i have a clue and rip me off:w00t:

Im after a laptop:thumbsup: i have no set price as i dont know what i need or the costs:oops:

the laptop is for school work (teenager) who is also an online gamer.I want one that wont be dated too quickly so needs bits added to it.Can anyone find me the cheapest good one please:thumbsup:



Laptops will always date quick with regard to graphics, it can't be helped, they're not as flexible as normal PC's where you can easily upgrade parts, does it have to be a laptop?
Also the graphics power / £ ratio is pretty appauling on laptops compared to a normal PC.

Saying that I have a XPS M1710 from Dell which serves me very well and looks great with Vista and Aero on it, but I got this from a reseller undercutting Dell by £400 @ the time.

Have a gander @ rockdirect.com/ see what you think.


another to consider and 3.5% quidco

I recommend the PCNextDay machine. I bought a laptop off them last year and it runs every game I throw at it thanks to the dedicated 256mb ATI X1600. Very competitively priced and I'm fairly sure they're built around a Fujitsu Siemens chassis.

The only thing you'll have to do is hack the latest ATI drivers so you can use them, this will give these laptops a massive performance increase. Laptop graphic card drivers can be a real swine and you're supposed to rely on your laptop manufacturer to supply them.

I think the program you use to mod them is called DHMod.

Has anybody had problems with PCNextday? Doing a quick Google search has suggested problems with customer support and warranties.


The Zoostorm Laptops can't be beaten for price but I would be worried about support if the system screws up.

I would be happy to be persuaded otherwise as I too am looking for a reasonably priced mid range gaming laptop.

Try here alienware.co.uk/Con…ULT perfect for gaming and will handle anything you throw at it!!:w00t:

Yup Alienware if youve got the money.

Foremost important question; What is your budget?
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