Laptop for gaming - any recommendations please?

    Hi all
    I am looking to find a decent laptop for gaming for my son & would like some suggestions please of what's available for my budget of around £650. I would like a 3 year warranty (at additional cost if necessary) as we have had too many techy items lately fail at around 13 months old. As for other specs - I haven't a clue : ) so any advice would be gratefully received .
    Thanks in advance.


    what sort of games do you want to play on it?

    £629.95 with a 2 yrs warranty…spx

    good spec machine graphic card is reasonable for a laptop

    to be honest if your son wants to play games he needs a desktop, he would be able to get a good set up for £650 with a really good graphic card
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    Hi Nightstud , Thanks for reply - sorry not sure on details of games ( but he plays Halo lots on 360 - so guess that type of thing )
    Thanks hutchir9 - I'll take a look at the John lewis one & start a list of 'possibles'.
    Yeah, a desktop would be best but he's off to uni & so I'm trying to combine practicality of a study laptop with suitability for gaming.
    Any thoughts on the Dell XPS 15 & 17 laptops anyone please ? ( as I've found some 5% discount codes & possible Quidco.)

    some reviews on dell xps 16 sounds pretty good by the reviews…htm
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    the graphic card i think it a 420 m i will have a look around and see what else i can come up with

    this looks a good laptop but it has a 17" screen, not sure if that would be good but i have an old dell with a 17" screen and love it,just thinking of your son lugging the big laptop around but the graphic card for gaming is good for a laptop…c2d

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    Thanks all for your input.
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