Laptop for GF Budget £200-300.

girlfriends finally getting on my nerves and her not getting off my pc is driving me todrink!! can you believe 39p a bottle of cider from home bargains!"! oh yes i've turned to this :P

she only needs it for surfing the net etc
the occasional bit of word processing to write shopping lists :P

i honestly couldn't find a bargain if it flashed in my face a hundred times!!

too many numbers and dodgy looking websites!!

help help help

oh and netbooks are out of the question as she's blind as a bat!

*yes she is looking over my shoulder as i type this*

thanks in advance.

steve + bec

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The cheapest you are going to get a new laptop is around £300 (or maybe a few quid less).

Being a bank holiday weekend there may be a few offers around so scan the newspapers, and visit sites like Tesco, Argos, Dell, Comet, Currys, PC World, Asda etc.

Some sites do "refurbished" laptops (they are often NOT refurbished but old stock they are trying to get rid off). These are often less than £300.

See PCWorld, Currys, Comet for items marked "clearance laptops" or similar.

Also Argos, Tesco etc often do clearance deals.

Other than that maybe second hand, but it is always risky buying a second hand laptop.
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