laptop for kids for Christmas can't decide what to buy

    I'm wanting to get the kids are laptop for Christmas but not very good on what to look for to get a decent one for my money can anyone help .
    I was thinking tesco as this week I get a extra 20% off (employee discount )
    was only wanting to spend around 250
    kids are 7 and 12 so will probably only use it for basic stuff like Internet Facebook YouTube etc
    also if can wanting a dvd drive so they can play dvds if they want
    please can anyone help


    Seems a nice laptop - £299 from Tesco so with your 20% discount should come under your £250 budget.

    Comes with a DVD drive and a webcam. Has all the bits and pieces that you would need. More than sufficient for general web surfing and for playing DVDs. It will also be able to load games such as Minecraft.…919

    7 and 12 Facebook lol that's 13+


    7 and 12 Facebook lol that's 13+

    The op is quoting real time figures.


    The op is quoting real time figures.

    What's real time figures?


    What's real time figures?

    Both the kids might be 13 by Christmas.

    Hold on until the black Friday deals come along. We bought a Lenovo idealpad 100s 11.6" last year from Amazon for £100 and its been bomb proof. I'm sure therewill be similar deals again but with a bit more memory if needed.

    Original Poster

    Facebook more the 12 year old YouTube for 7 year old 7 year old likes watching videos and playing games like minecraft
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