Laptop for mum

    My mums looking to buy a laptop.

    She doesnt need anything special as her main usuage will be emailing and word processing. She wants at least a 15" screen and needs a few USB ports incase she cant get used to keyboard/mouse

    Budget around 300-400 any advice/help will be really helpfull!

    Thanks guys :thumbsup:


    this is about as good as it gets within your pricerange.…ell

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    Thanks currychops. Had a quick look around and dell seem to be the best bet. I've narrowed it down to 3 choices, could a very kind person please have a look at the 3 choices below and pick out the best one.

    option 1

    ]option 2

    ]option 3

    Really appreciate all the help

    sorry I thought you said £400 max cos the 6400 will be outside that budget...for what yor mum requires I would say go for the AMD dual core modelwait
    New Dell deals come out each Thursday so you may wish to wait a few days.

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    Yup but the 6400 comes down to £410.07 by removing the warrenty thing they stick on (goes for all the laptops infact)

    posted simultaneously yes go for the 6400 deal

    don't forget 4.5% quidco

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    Thanks curry, will speak it over with her! Rep given
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