Laptop for my mother - Please help, she's driving me mad

    Guys please can someone please recommend a good and easy to use laptop for my mother. She's driving me mad to get one for her and when she gets it, she'll probably be ringing me every five minutes, just like eith the TV, video and dvd recorder.

    So money isn't too much of a problem upto 500 quid, preferably with a guarantee as something is bound to go wrong in the future, many thanks, Els


    my advice - shoot her! then she wont keep bugging you. Mine went out and bought a new printer cos she had to keep phoning me about the old one and then ended up getting me over to install the new one!!!!!!!! that took longer than it took to fix the old one as then I had to go with her to PC World to take the new one back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and move house - and change your job and phone number!

    What about one of the Vostro range from Dell? They are solid machines and much batter deals than in PC world etc. They range in price from about £350 to £600, but to be honest the cheapest one will be fine for her i would have thought.
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