Im looking at getting my dad a cheapish laptop for christmas. I only want to spend at max about £250 he doesnt need anything fancy just something that he can go on the internet with play some movies and listen to some music?
    any suggestions would be great.


    You can get a new notebook for under £250 but I haven't seen a new laptop this cheap. You could wait on the chance that Christmas sales will be so bad that someone will drop their prices that low? Alternatively you could probably pick up a refurb laptop for around £250. Try PCWorld, Dell Outlet, Currys.

    If you want a really cheap one (sub £200) then Bigpockets seem to sell a lot of refurbs but they look like 5 year old models and, in all honesty, poor value for the prices.

    Get a Asus EeePC 901 for 250, this is Excellent

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    thats not really what i was looking for

    Loads of requests on here recentty for the same thing, so to save repeating ourselves set the topic above to "Computers" and look through them all.

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    ok thanks
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