Laptop for Uni

    ey guys looking for a good laptop for uni....£600 maximum

    what im lookingto use it for:

    University work... i be doing IT at uni so maybe a bundle with office?
    a little bit of gaming maybe css
    16-17 inch screen
    vista or xp... will go for windows 7 at some point
    above 2gb ram

    thanks for the help people


    Your uni will probably have a deal on laptops maybe including the software you will need for your course.

    Why not ask them what deals they have?

    hi there, i have a laptop for sale
    fits to your requirements.
    could you give me your email and we talk there?

    Original Poster

    sorry fella im looking for a brand new laptop

    it is brand new

    I bought this laptop:…id=

    It has served me well, does fine with moderate gaming. I study computer science and it deals with compiling and office just fine.

    Cant really fault it for the price

    (does get hot when playing 3d games, but thats pretty normal)

    Original Poster

    im really tempted by this .. what ya think

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