Laptop for UNI

    i am looking for a laptop for uni and for all my work

    i am looking to spend £300-£400

    am am looking for at lead dual core and 3-4gb ram

    if you have any suggestion on what to get that woudl be great


    Laptop or netbook.... if you are carrying it about, I would suggest a netbook. It'll run office and alike with no issues. email, web etc etc. they are light and you can get some with 10hour (6-7 hour in real life) battery life. Downsides are that they don't play full screen video very well and cpu intensive work is slower (1.3 or 1.6ghz cpu vs dual core 2Ghz or more in a laptop) so gaming and video editing will make it struggle and may be unusable.

    I have a laptop for work, and with the extra battery to give me ~4-4.5h usage it's very heavy.... just bought an acer aspire 11" netbook, it's thin, light and okay for all the day to day usage I need a machine for. Also bought the Vodafone 3g card where you pay £15 for 1Gb of internet, but it doesn't need to be used within a month.(180 days IIRC) for when out and about.

    If you need the processing power of a full laptop, then keep an eye out on the Dell offers on here.

    Tis just my view, but having carried a laptop about for the last 15 years, light is good

    [edit] also netbooks don't have CD drives and expansion ports may be restricted, that may cause you a problem [/edit]


    Bit over your budget but you get what you pay for so what about a MacBook? 13" screen so good balance between size and portability and students get an good discount (15%) and there is Apple Care and Time Machine for piece of mind although the Mac will be very reliable.

    Used a netbook last year for uni and it ran everything I threw at it perfectly, some of the programs are quite beefy too - likes of Eclipse. That was a Acer Aspire One. If you go the netbook route I would suggest getting one with a good Linux build on it.
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