Laptop for Video Editing & Stuff £1k budget.

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Hi Troops,

I'm looking for a new laptop. Right now, I'm just using a cheap Toshiba laptop from Argos but with a cracked screen and a couple of years old.

I want to start making more short videos 1-3minutes, jump cut kind of thing from hone.

So it needs to be nippy for video editing. Everything else just normal like documents, emails, web, skype.

I'm not really bothered about Mac-Book as new it is out of my price range and quite frankly the 13 inch screen isn't the best with having very-poor eye-sight.

In the house, I have a desk setup with external monitor and keyboard etc connected to laptop. Then I use the laptop on an irregular basis if I want to work elsewhere like coffee shops or down stairs with family instead of bat-cave.

Budget: £1k
Spec: Unsure what I need from limited knowledge. Perhaps Quad-core, Full HD, SSD

Suggestions and Advice welcome.
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Get a cheap desktop. Maybe something along 1050ti line. Then get a laptop of mx150 to help u along the way.. Just my 2cents..gaming laptop for power is so not worth it at the moment in terms of pricing.
Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate you taking the time to help.

How much do you think that will cost?

I won't be gaming, I think the most taxing thing I'll be doing is putting together the odd video together for instagram, facebook, youtube etc. LIke Jump Cuts using Wondershare Filmora or Adobe Premier Pro,

Apart from that it's just for email, social media, browsing the web, writing documents etc.

I can actually get all those programs working on this cheap argos £300 toshiba that's a couple of years old, the screens just cracked and it's lagging slow.
sounds like you don't really know what you want/need. i'd decide this first.

as Dronelover states, you can get the performance you need for a lower price with a desktop, especially if you can build one yourself, but then having 2 separate machines might be inconvenient when moving stuff between them.

a quad core i5 + 1050 or 1060 laptop with an SSD would be perfect and even capable of some good gaming if the mood takes you. you can look to spend somewhere between £750-£900 for those kind of specs
I would stick with the integrated graphics. Unless your video editing program actually uses the GPU to manipulate things (many just use the CPU) then Intel's video encoding hardware is just as fast as AMD's or nVidia's.

I would probably look for a decent screen first and foremost. I don't know what's bad about your eyesight but you generally want a high brightness (300cd/m² or more) and a good contrast (~1000:1). If you have trouble with details then a low resolution laptop will suit you better than a high resolution on.
Thanks for feedback
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