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Posted 17th Nov
Hi all
I'm not as knowledgeable as I used to be regarding laptops.
Basically, I need a new laptop (Windows) that meets the recommended requirements for Virtual DJ which are

  • Intel® Core™ 2 or AMD Athlon™ X2 (or better)
  • Windows 10
  • Multi-channel soundcard
  • 2048MB (2 GB) RAM
  • 200MB free on the hard drive

(the multi channel soundcard is NOT a must for my needs, but would be great if it can be done)

The laptop I currently use is an ancient heavy thing with an Intel Pentium Dual Core and 2gb ram.
While it can run VDJ fairly well, it's not really ideal because occasionally it fails to keep up when I'm playing music.
I also sometimes need to use Youtube (or other streaming sites) at the same time as VDJ

Ideally, the new laptop will have a cd drive and obviously be suitable for multi-tasking. It will purely be used for DJ'ing and occasional streaming.

My budget is rather low at £150 but for my needs, I would have thought this is doable?

I've been looking around, but with all the different processors etc that's now available, and me being out of the loop, I'm a bit lost on what to go for.

Thanks for the help
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It’s been some time since I’ve used Windows based machines for DJing and music production and what not, but using an older or cheaper low powered laptop as a multi purpose / multitasking machine will be part of the problem - the aim with anything music related in a production environment is to reduce latency as far as possible. When I was actively working in that industry, albeit some years ago, most folk I know would use the laptop for that purpose and nothing more, antivirus software and other security type services can play havoc with latency, so I’d personally switch them off/disable them as far as possible. You say you’re not too fussed about the sound card but it’s important to use the right one, budget laptops are not going to come with pro grade sound cards but you might be able to come by an inexpensive external sound card that does the job. If I remember correctly I used to work with M-Audio Audiophile sound cards.
The reason I'm asking for recommendations of the most basic, but workable laptop, is purely because it will only really get used once a month in a small bar.

I don't need a multi channel sound card, because I won't be using headphones.
Think of it more along the lines of a party DJ rather than a nightclub DJ except rock music instead of party tunes!

Thanks for replying, though
An important thing to consider is what DJ controller will you be using? You should look to go for one with it's own soundcard built in to it and let that handle the audio i/o. It's going to free up some of the requirements from the PC you'll be looking for in that you don't have to worry about it's soundcard or audio performance so much. Something like a Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 would be a great controller for you to get started with in that regard as it has it's own souncard and audio interface built in to it. Also how open are you to running a Serato or Traktor system as opposed to Virtual DJ?
No DJ controller. Purely laptop only and all the music is on an external hard drive.

I've only ever used VDJ and I'd prefer to stick to that to be honest.
cymru197817/11/2019 16:48

No DJ controller. Purely laptop only and all the music is on an external …No DJ controller. Purely laptop only and all the music is on an external hard drive.I've only ever used VDJ and I'd prefer to stick to that to be honest.

I'd still be inclined to use a dj controller if only for the soundcard aspect of it in terms of audio out connection to a PA system and inbuilt microphone input. It would give you a wider choice in terms of a low-budget computer needed but it's up to you entirely, I just know that I absolutely wouldn't want to DJ any kind of event or gathering without one.
I used Virtual DJ on my really old laptop that's only got 1.5gb ram with a basic celeron processor and it worked fine.
The Athlon X2 and Core 2 brands debuted in 2006-2007 so it's suffice to say just about anything you can get hold of these days on the new or second hand market meets those criteria.
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