Laptop graphics cards

    I have a Dell XPS M1330 with 2gb ram, 250gb harddrive, 2.2ghz intel core 2 duo processor and 128mb graphics card. Is it possibe to upgrade this graphics card to, say a 256mb or 512mb graphic card, and if so about how much would it cose??? Rep will be awarded generously, thanks


    Yes if its an mini PCI-e card then yes. However as the dont sell them retail and you people don't take them out of their laptops the good ones dont tend to appear that often.

    as above, depends on if it is a dedicated or integrated (shared memory) graphics card.

    Short answer: no.

    Long answer: not really, usually you'll find that laptops have the graphics card soldered onto the motherboard, not as a discrete entity as they are in desktop machines. Older machines were more serviceable, but with the XPS range they're much more all-in-oneders.

    Sorry to disappoint!

    I don't think you can & I wouldn't advise it if you could, maybe worth while upgrading your whole pc if your in need of some serious power.
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