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Found 4th Nov 2007
When I connect my laptop to my TV via VGA the sound comes out of the laptop. Anyway of playing the saying through the pc without using an external sound source.

Want to watch somes heroes


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VGA doesnt transmit sound, maybe buy a headphone jack to headphone jack port? if your tv accepts incoming sound through a headphone jack?


you neeed vodja:giggle:


Sleep it off sassie, sleep it off.

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lol I dont have any Vodja unfortuneatly.

I will have aplay around t0mm but will probably end up getting a seperate sound system

Yeah, sounds more ideal.

I think Ebuyer have a few for £20?

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yeah i will have a look. Only just got my head round all the new TVs and that! Need a break before moving onto sound lol

Yeah, i just bought a hdtv the week before last, or the week before that one i believe :giggle:

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haha has the past 2 weeks just been a blur of HD goodness?

Not really, its in my room, and i dunno how to get AMAZINGLY good quality channels. just like a portable really - i have freeview on it, but it cant pick up ITV or C4.

Help me? haha:P

You need to check the sound input for your TV - some have phono ports, some use a 3.5mm headphone port (and some use both, Samsung have phono ports for the HDMI but 3.5mm for the VGA). Then it's just a case of getting either a 3.5mm to twin phono cable or a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable.


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How can I find out? I have a Toshiba 32C3030

If you dig out the manual it should have a diagram of the rear of the TV and label what all the ports are - if you have a pair of ports which are red and white, those are phono connections which need a 3.5mm to phono cable. However if it's a single smaller port which doesn't protrude, it's a 3.5mm port and a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable you need.

I had a quick search for a manual to allow me to have a look and see but I can't see one.


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yeah pretty sure it has the red and white.

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Here we go.. is this phono?

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Will this do the trick?

Yes and yes


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thanks guys. REP left

*EDIT* none for you sassie, you wern't helpful enough lol

She DID offer you some vodja! speaking of vodja, what is it? haha.
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