Laptop - Guidance where to spend my £££

Found 9th Dec 2017
Looking to buy our first laptop

However the more I look into specs the more I question what we really need and do we buy new or old.

Max £300 New or referb
Screen 15"+
CPU i5? No idea
must have WiFi ( for wireless printer / Hdd )
Hdd and sdd would be a added bonus!

Wont be used for gaming but don't want somthing that struggles to boot

Thanks in advance for any guidance / suggestions
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Sounds like a chromebook would suit you a lot
If you're not sure what you want to do on it and you're not going to use it for pc gaming, you might just be better off with a tablet or a chromebook. You can always plug in a keyboard if you need to type a lot. Even if you decide you need a proper laptop later on, you wouldn't have wasted too much money.
Well don't get referb and don't get exdisplay. The first is rubbish and the second is worn out.

Try ebay, search for something like a HP Envy beats i7 4th gen. Try to get on from a personal account and one that's still got the box and little used. I did that 2 years ago £400 still running well and almost as good as you'll get from any current i7
I'm liking the simplicity of the Chromebook and changing the Pinter to work is no problem.

However I guess a wireless external hard drive would be the next step as we're getting rid of the desktop computer. Attempting on finding a 2 bay Nas seems just as difficult going back to work with sore eyes haha
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