Laptop Hard drive format.

    I bought the lenovo g550 after xmas and now, after a few months use, its really slow and full of crap. usually, id just do a full format, but iv just checked the box, and there was no windows 7 restore disk, and no driver disk. what should i do?


    How bigs the hard drive is it the 320gb version? And how much free space have you got left?
    Is it partioned?
    You say you have bought it recently (after xmas) seems you'll have this problem again very soon. Have you considered an external drive?

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    found the drivers, theyre all in the D drive. in my C drive, iv got 200 left off 252

    press F8 before Windows boots to bring up a screen with options such as Safe Mode. On that screen you might have an option to restore your computer to factory settings. This is how my laptop works, if not check in your manual and see if there's another key you have to press when you turn your laptop on. Most laptops now come with a hidden partition on the hard drive that has the factory restore on.

    Hope that helped.

    Ok, further to my last post, on my laptop I have to enter the BIOS when I turn my laptop on (by pressing F2 on mine) in BIOS there is an option called D2D Recovery, save changes and exit BIOS now before Windows boots keep pressing ALT+F10 and this will bring up the system restore.

    Might be the same for you.

    For the Lenovo you Press f11 just after powering up to restore to factory default

    Actually just noticed the g550 has a one touch recovery button. The horsehoe shaped arrow next to the power button. To use this power off your system and then press this button to start the process off. A word of warning though all data will be removed from the c drive you may be able to save some stuff to the d drive though.
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