laptop hard drive making funny noise's

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Found 31st Oct 2008
just installed a new hard drive but when I move the laptop it makes grinding noises does anyone know what is wrong,. thanks rep will be left



sounds like its faulty. If you bought it from a shop and still have the receipt you should take it back asap and explain

Yea not sounding to good for the hard drive:

Hard drives are usually nearly silent but some do make a muted clicking sound when they're being accessed - this is normal. On the other hand, if you start hearing noises only occasionally or noises that you've never heard before - like clicking, grinding or squealing - your hard drive may be failing.

The steps below will help you determine what to do next before all of your precious data is gone for good.

]A few tips here

Good luck, but as said by Salder21 if it is a new HDD bought from a shop take is straigh back with your receipt.

If you are not able to take it back let me know and I will point you in the direction of some good diagnostic/ repair utilities that are worth a go.

BACK UP NOW!:thumbsup:

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it seems to have stopped now, it happened when I was installing new copys of vista, HP gave me the hard-drive, seems to be fine now

You can download a diagnostic tool that will test the hard drive and let you know if it is faulty or going faulty.

What make/model was the hard drive.

Could have possibly been 1st time indexing hammering the drive.

Sounds like the DVD drive! Never known a hard drive to grind AND work!

DVD on the other hand (were you installing at the time?) will work until the DVD explodes inside (that really happens!)

Hiya K&P hope all is well now with your lappy ............... remember to back everything up in case this happens again!
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