Laptop hard drive needed

    My laptop hard drive has just failed - the last few weeks it has been giving me various "write" errors and I didn't care too much... anyway, today I decided to format / reinstall XP and the drive took forever to format, then the install failed. A few minutes later I tried another format but no go.

    So, I need a 2 and half inch ide drive of about 40GB or so - depends on price really. I only use the machine occasionally so not too worried about the size.

    Anyone know of any good deals? May go with GoogleCheckout before midnight if worth while.

    Cheers, Dio :thumbsup:


    i got 60gb seagate from ebuyer, 26 delivered with google checkout, quite fast too, 5400rpm, it is ide.

    I ordered a 160Gb 5400rpm Western Digital 2.5" SATA drive for my Mac last week from ebuyer £51.75 delivered using google checkout.

    Failing that I'm sure you could pick up a used 40/60Gb off ebay?

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    Cheers for the responses; in the end I got one from Novatech for a shade over £50 on next day delivery. Installed and up and running!

    Cheers, Dio :thumbsup:

    Are they hard to install, laptop drives that is, only have a 40 gig one at moment and want to upgrade,same for the DVDrom/cdrw, PC is only 6 months old lol.

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    This was simplicity itself; disconnect power and battery, open two screws, take cover off, take disk out of it's caddy and replace with the new one. Took no time; took a lot longer installing the OS :-(

    Cheers, Dio :thumbsup:
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