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    Hello Mates, The Windows XP in my friends laptop has corrupted and I tried everything to backup the data. But its not booting properly. I tried the recovery CD and it says " ALL THE DATA ON THE HARDDISK WILL BE LOST AND RESTORED" . So I am lloking to connect his harddisk to my laptop through a Latop IDE to USB converter cable and back up his data.

    Could you please tell me a value for money converters? If it has both compatibilty with the 3.5 inch harddrive it would be much better as i can use it for my desktop also!

    I am looking for it to deliver sooner.

    Please help me.

    Many Thanks


    As a quicker/faster solution why not just run a LiveCD/LiveUSB version (i.e. it runs off a CD or USB key) of another operating system and use that to copy his files to a DVD/External hard drive? ]Ubuntu is a popular LiveCD and ]Slax has a very easy to use LiveUSB.

    Original Poster

    Thanks mate . I am downloading slax..Hope it works.

    Original Poster

    wow slax did the trick! thanks very much mate!

    Glad you got your files back.
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