Laptop has Virus (I think)

    OK a really quick post as I'm off out in 10 mins so will pick up replies later (but any helop/guidance is greatly apperciated!!)

    My Dad gave me 2 laptops - one all sorted and working ace. The other is not very well! When i boot up it loads up fine (running XP) but then get some messages saying it can't find "....nail.exe". I've googled this and apparantly it's a very nasty virus.

    How do i remove this, bearing in mind there are NO Internet settings on the laptop? Is there something I can download using my main PC (and without putting my main PC at ANY risk) that I can then load up on my USB key fob and transfer to the laptop to sort it out?

    BTW Internet access on the laptop is not important as it's for my 4 year old niece.

    I did try and find the nail.exe files in task mgr as one site advised but there is nothing there. Makes me think it may have been partially sorted?????




    As you've just got it and will have none of your files on it to lose.........just reinstall Windows. Quickest and easiest way.

    Any kinda virus normally attacks your registry in some way.
    ]CCleaner works to solve many problems on your pc.
    I have it, works well in tandem with Spybot, Adaware and ZoneAlarm that i have.
    Got a virus a few weeks by, dozy sod i am downloaded a keygen and the downloaded file was clean but on install gave me a lovely virus.
    Zonealarm dealt with it, but cos it had done my registry it kept coming back, but CCleaner sorted that side of it
    Good luck

    Edit: other thing to do, there is a setting in Spybot to lock down settings for IE, (why they have not added summat for FF yet i don't know) Anyone worth sticking that on too and locking down IE so it cannot be changed


    just reinstall Windows. Quickest and easiest way.


    If you don't have a Windows CD you can borrow anyone's - it's the licence key printed on the barcode sticker on the bottom of the laptop that is unique and will validate your installation.


    Re installing windows is always the best bet, as long as you format the whole hard disk rather than just re installing over the top. i made that mistake once and it didnt fix everything.

    I used to use kaspersky for anti virus, but found it missed a few, so gone to NOD32 antivirus, its pro active so normally stops stuff before it gets to your hard disk

    NOD along with bodydent999 suggestion could help

    Original Poster

    Thanks for all advice - reinstalling windows sounds best so now off to hunt for Disk!!


    Try this:

    First, check for Nail.exe in the C:\Windows directory. If it's there, delete it. If it reappears, Aurora is at work on your system.
    The other place to check is in the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon.
    The Shell key will have the value "Explorer.exe c:\windows\nail.exe". If you try to modify this setting back to c:\windows\explorer.exe, the aurora software automatically renames it back to include the reference to nail.exe.

    To stop the behavior noted above, I took the following steps:
    1. From a command prompt, go to the Windows/System directory and type dir>nail.exe (this changes the contents of nail.exe and their software doesn't try to remedy this situation)

    2. Reboot. Upon startup you'll get an error message, but ignore it. You can now delete Nail.exe and it will not reappear.

    3. Finally, using RegEdit, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon and change the shell key to "c:\windows\explorer.exe"

    Reboot and your system is now clean, but worth running [url][/url] or [url][/url] to check for other spyware.

    Hope it helps

    you will never get rid of most viruses reinstall windows and format before doing so only way to be sure

    i think a broad spectrum anti-biotic will help against virus
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