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Hey there! My name is lukus and I've never owned a PC, been mac centric for years! I'm looking at buying a PC laptop and I'm wondering if I bought one with 256mb ded. graphics would I be able to upgrade it easily to a 512mb, I also looked on ebay for 512mb cards and all I can find is this:…tem

Surely this isn't right? £20 for 512mb of graphics?

Ohh and I apologize if I have posted this in the wrong place but the new layout is mega confusing!

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You can't judge a videocard by its memory, this is essentially a marketting term which is used to mislead consumers. While high end graphics cards do benefit from larger memory, the low end graphics cards do not and in some cases they are actually slower than their counterparts with less video memory as slower memory is used for the large size.
The graphics card you have linked to does not have 512MB memory, it only has 128MB - the extra memory comes from your system memory when the graphics card runs out of its own memory which makes that auction even more misleading.

Do not judge a graphics card by the amount of memory, look at the name instead - for example, considering the GeForce 8 series graphics card the 8400 is the slowest, the 8600 is the mid range and the 8800 is the fastest. You then need to look at the lettering, the 8800GTX is the fastest, followed by the 8800GT then the 8800GTS. An 8600GT is faster than an 8600GS for example.
In most cases you cannot upgrade a laptop graphics card, the ebay auction is for a desktop graphics card. In some rare circumstances it is possible to upgrade the laptop graphics card but it is normally expensive and not an easy process. When choosing a laptop you need to choose the graphics card you want the machine to have as that is the graphics card you are going to be 'stuck' with.


Upgrading a laptop graphics card is next to impossible.

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Ok thanks v much guys! Great help! I ended up buying a Dell vostro 1500 with 2.ghz dual core 2, and N-vidia 8600 256mb card for £535.

Very nice deal, but did you buy through Quidco to get further money off?

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No it was from ebay. I must remember Quidco in the future!

Good choice, the 8600 is significantly faster than any 7200 graphics card regardless of how much memory it has.


why you thinking of getting a PC after so many years of Macs?

Surely thats a step backwards?

Ive just bought a MacBook and it is easily the best laptop i have ever owned!!!

agrees with jaybird. i now use a macbook pro and no going back - the screen is fab too, fab design, cant explain it but it is sleek!
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