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    hi, i have a advent laptop and it doesn't switch on at all, does anyone have any ideas? it doesn't charge up either, do you think it could be the charging pin thingy lol?

    thanks anywya ppl



    I had this problem.

    Remove the battery from the compartment and plug the power supply in. Try switching it on, without the battery in the compartment. Should be OK then :thumbsup:

    This is one of the reasons i always tell people if considering buying a laptop make sure the salesman shows it working without the battery.
    The reason being some laptops can't function without one so removing it won't point to a particular fault unless you know for sure whether or not it should work.
    Know anyone with the same model?, could be a duff battery so try and borrow one, but then again could be the charger or internal power distribution (or a few other things)

    Dare suggest checking the fuse? Sometimes the most obvious things are overlooked.....!
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