Laptop help.

Please can somebody tell me what this means;

Runner Error
Runner file name (fspex.exe) lacks a '-' (the app id separator)

Keeps appearing when I start up my laptop

many thanks


found this

From the description of the problem, it seems the uninstallation of … From the description of the problem, it seems the uninstallation of F-Secure did not properly complete. The FSPEX.EXE process is the automatic updater for F-Secure, keeping F-Secure up-to-date with the latest virus definitions. It seems F-Secure has been uninstalled, but this update utility has been left behind and can no longer function because the parent program (F-Secure Anti-Virus) is no longer installed. The most robust way to fix this problem is to reinstall F-Secure Anti-Virus and then complete another uninstall of the program. However, before completing the second uninstall you should read a set of instructions at the F-Secure website: instructions explain how to complete a full removal of F-Secure Anti-Virus and also point to a utility which you can download to ensure F-Secure Anti-Virus is entirely removed. Be aware, you will notice the last step (step 7) of the instructions says “reinstall F-Secure products”. You should obviously not complete this step, unless you wish to reinstall F-Secure.Should the problem continue, the next solution involves, as you have tried, disabling the updater process from loading on startup. The error message which appears is related to the BackWeb utility, which is used in some programs to automatically update software. As previously mentioned, in the case of F-Secure Anti-Virus, the Backweb process is being used to automatically update the virus definitions. In your question, you were unable to find which process was causing the error message. With this new information on the Backweb process, we may have a better chance of identifying the process causing the error. Go to the ‘Start’ menu > ‘Run’ and type ‘msconfig’ (without the quotes) and click OK. In the window that appears, click the ‘Startup’ tab. Look through the list of processes for something incorporating the name “backweb”. For example: “F-Secure BackWeb”. If you are still unable to identify the process, look in the ‘Location’ column to see whether you can find any processes located in the F-Secure directory (e.g. C:Program FilesF-Secure). If you do find any such processes which meet these criteria, you should be able to disable the processes from loading on startup. Once this has been done, click OK and restart the computer to check whether the problem persists

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found this

emasu;2983811 to above.

many thanks for your help:thumbsup:Rep added
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