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So I have an ASUS A54C Notebook.

The AC port is no longer working. (I've checked it's not the charger)
Everything else is fine in the laptop, I need an alternative way to charge the battery / power it from the mains. What are my best / cheapest options?

This will help move all my files off and onto a new laptop eventually.

Grateful for any help, I was thinking maybe a docking station with a charge point? But I'm not sure where or if I could get one?


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Well you can remove the HD and get your files by placing it in an external bay so that's no problem. But the AC should be an easy fix for any electrical service shop.

Won't be able to do it, but likely to just be the DC socket. Generally cheap on eBay.

If you just want the data off, remove the HDD and use a usb caddy or docking station.

If you just want to get the files off it you can remove the hard drive and buy a hard drive enclosure which will allow you to access the files on another computer.

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OK maybe HD enclosure will be best. Thanks!
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