Laptop Help laptop has recently been playing up, the backlight going on and off, today has been the final straw and I've whacked it on my HDTV via HDMI. I chose the option to still be able to see both screens, however, what seemed to be a backlight problem can't possibly be the case as the TV is showing the display properly and the laptop is still going on and off....

    Anyone got any ideas on whats going on? I got the laptop on the 28/12/08 with Currys and it had a years warranty.


    Take it back

    OP - your post is just confusing.

    The backlight's going on and off, so you connected it to your TV and have dual screens enabled. You're saying the laptop screen's still going on and off.....

    What did you expect it to do?

    This proves the output is ok and the screen backlight is flickering on/off.

    Take it back.


    take it back......obviously faulty

    permission granted!

    replace backlight


    you neeed a new inverter mate, you might be able to get one from someone stripping the same laptop of ebay. I Had an acer 5100, my backlight went completely and i fixed it by replacing the inverter its a circuit board about one cm in width and 15 cm in length approx, you have to take your screen apart, sounds all scary but its easy really, just need some preciosion screwdrivers. expect to pay about £10 for one off ebay.

    even when my backlight was not working i was able to use mine on my 42" lcd
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