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Hi, I wonder if anyone can help. I have a computer with a fixed router. I'm looking to get a laptop at Christmas with a wireless router. Do I need to get rid of the fixed router when I get the wireless one or can I use both? Also, does the router just plug into the phone line. We have Virginmedia as the service provider.


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You plug the wireless router into the fixed router/modem, As your with virgin phone them up and they should send you a free wireless router ;-)

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That's brilliant - that makes perfect sense now. Wish I had asked on here first, I've been scratching my head for the last few days - LOL

Unfortunately, it's slightly complicated as everyone insists on calling the boxes routers when they're really several functions bundled into one box and not just a router.

Are you on Virgin ADSL or cable? If you're on ADSL just buy a wireless router and replace your existing one. If you're on cable you've got to use the existing Virgin modem or router. If you've got one box (with multiple ethernet ports, a router) then a wireless access point would probably be an easier option than buying another router and disabling the router bits. If you've currently got a modem and a wired router then you need to replace your wired router with a wireless router suitable for a cable connection (i.e. with a socket for the modem to plug into).

If you are on Virgin CABLE then you need to buy a special CABLE Router (NOT an ADSL router).

As has been said, Virgin may send you a router for free (depending on what price "band" you are on).

You have to use the existing Virgin Modem, and plug the modem into the new router.

I dont think you can keep the existing non-wireless router in the setup, so you just need the Virgin Modem and the new wi-fi router.

I am on Virgin cable with a wi fi router if you want more help.
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