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    Hi Guys,
    I am treating my Good Lady this year to a Laptop. I am looking for 4gb Ram and minimum or 220 gb hard drive.The usual Built in webcam with dvd/cd.recordable etc is wanted too and I will pay upto £400. Also Windows 7 is needed too.

    I am gutted because I could have bought the Dell 1545 with the above spec for £399 teo weeks in PINK,he fav colour but it is now £439,aaagh silly me.

    Really hope you can help.Thanks


    Have you tried calling Dell to enquire and haggle them down.

    I haven't done it for a while but they would fall over themselves with a thrown in printer, low priced warranty for extra years and often knock £50 off too

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    Is there a UK number that you have for them at all??


    Is there a UK number that you have for them at all??

    0844 444 5818. Or you can chat online with them, apparently, but I've never tried. :thumbsup:

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    They are a nightmare to talk to.....aaargh

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    I had hoped someone would have got back to me!

    I 'dlook into getting windows7 as their are having teething probs at the moment see metro paper there was a good article on it yesterday check out as microsoft were having problems causing the pc to shut down and go to a black screen
    Good luck in yr search

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    I left Dell a message to call me yesterday and guess what...................still waiting!!
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