laptop help

    my daughters laptop says
    wireless lan 802.11g/b/a with up to 54 mbits/s
    10/100 mbit fast -ethernet

    bit thick i know but does this mean i dont need to buy anything else to connest it to my current homw network, like one of those notebook card thingys



    if it has Wi Fi then this has a wireless network adapter built in. Do you have a wireless network now? If so you will just need to let it find the network and then enter the passcode if you have one, otherwise it should connect automatically. 10/100mbit is the cabled version of a network.

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    thats what i thought but its not finding my home network

    Are you using a wireless router?
    Is the wireless icon lit up on the laptop?
    What is the laptop model?
    Is the Network ISSID Hidden?
    Do you get an option to search for a wireless network?

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    yes im using a wireless router
    yes i have 2 pc,s running right now
    its medion multimedia notebook mim 2230 md 96032
    is the what? sorry thick i know
    and no

    Sorry, the ESS ID is the name of the network, you can chose to hide this using an option in the router. If you do then the laptop will not find it and you will have to search manually and enter this ID name. It may be that the wireless function is switched off on your laptop. Have a look in the manual and see if there is a button to activate it. if not right click on my computer, go to properties and then select hardware and then device manager. Look for the network adpaters and then click the plus sign + to check on what is in there. If there is a wireless or Wi Fi one shown double click it to check that it is working OK.

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    thank you so much for your help
    it was just a button on the laptop, now i feel like a right wally lol

    Never mind, glad you got it sorted, Technology is great, until it doesn't do what it should. Hope you enjoy using it!!!!!
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