Laptop help!!

    I have been searching endlessly for a good laptop for myself, and now i'm just lost.

    I am limiting myself to £800 and not a penny more. if possible I want an all rounder that is as high spec as I can get for the money. Any ideas? I found this...…tml

    ... which has good spec apart from a rubbish graphics card.

    Can anyone help find or know of something similar?

    Any help would be much apppreciated.


    what will the laptop be used for

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    Everything really, it's a desktop replacement I guess. I want to play a few decent games every now and then, would quite like a bluray player, but also doing a lot of work on it so it needs to be fast. I tend to have a shed load of windows open doing as much as I can at any one time lol.

    the laptop i posted should do it for u then

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    Does that have the same graphics card though as the one I posted though? (Thanks by the way!)

    whats the smallest screen size u can have and how big must the hard drive be


    you can do a lot better than a dell for that sort of … you can do a lot better than a dell for that sort of money


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    15" - 17" is fine, no real issue with screen size. Also, I guess a minimum of 320GB HDD

    Would you be bothered if it was a refurb?
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