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Can anyone offer any advice on a laptop please.

With free WiFi getting more common I am considering getting a laptop for travel. Two hotels I have been to recently have had free wifi in the room and its common on the high street now too.

What I want though is a micro laptop, one thats really small & compact so its easy to travel with and keep in a hotel safe etc.

It would not need to be high spec as it would only be used for email and internet and possible sending and uploading pictures I have taken while away.

I know nothing about micro laptops anyone have any experience or models they recommend.

Thanks Tony

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Hi Tony. You'd be best posting in the Deal Request section and setting a budget of what you want to spend and someone will find you a good deal. :thumbsup:

Most of the Dell 12" screen laptops are quite small/Portable.

Downside is most don't have room for a built in cd-drive, But I just use a USB flash drive to store/back up and transfer stuff between pc's.

I'd definitely get a Dell though, This one i'm using is 3-4 years old and still going fine!

rough price?

Original Poster

Thanks all, I was more after some advice on what to look for than a specific deal with budget.

I was even looking at this Nokia but not sure how functional it would be but for a slip in your pocket on the move device it looks good. But would I be better with a ultraportable notebook.…720

Im sure if you went to pc world they'd be obliged to help you. Im guessing theres an onscreen keyboard.
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