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    Hi. Newbie here.

    Looking to buy a laptop and dont have a clue where to start. When it comes to spec, ram, memory, dual core processors etc i'm afraid i'm totally confused.

    Really only going to be used for entertainment. Downloading/watching/burning music and movies, games, photos,internet etc.
    (oh and the kids homework)

    Any advice or ideas?


    Do you have a price range in mind?

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    Not really. Dont want to spend a fortune on a high spec that i dont need, but on the other hand, want something reliable that i can use for the above^^^.

    my advice is to await the launch of the new Dell point buying a old model wihen the new ones will be better specced.

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    Ok thanks. When r the new range of dells out? What price range r we talking?
    Sorry for all the questions but i really am a novice when it comes to computing.

    They should come out on the 26th of this month.

    Try to get Core 2 Duo processer in the laptop not Core Duo as its faster.

    Also a moderator here called MikeT posts the latest and cheapest Dell offers in the forums every Thursday. If i were you get Windows Vista Home Premium with alteast 1gig of RAM.

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    Many thanks. Much appreciated.

    Personally I'd recommend 2Gb RAM if you want to run Vista. Also as manzi mentioned Core 2 Duo is the processor to go for at the moment, but the AMD X2 processors offer a decent cheaper alternative.

    When you say games, any idea what kind of games? As that's the only thing on your list that could push your needs to more than an entry level laptop. Unfortunately laptops with decent graphics capabilities tend to be pricey.

    I'd suggest having a nosey round here: ]http//ww…uk/ and here: ]http//ww…ops to see if you like the look of anything, they're usually pretty competitively priced too so should give you an idea of cost.

    Also have you thought about a Mac at all? I'm not sure if you or your kids would qualify but Apple give quite generous educational discounts.

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    Is this good value for what i'm looking for?
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