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    yesterday and today my laptop kind of went off the screen went black then after a few seconds came back on and then this message came up, display driver has stopped responding and has recovered, can anyone tell me if this is anything i should worry about as ive no idea about laptops/pcs. im not doing anything on the laptop apart from browsing the net and i dont play games on it.



    Might be a 1 off, but worth checking to see if can get a newer driver

    what is the model? os? how old?

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    its an acer aspire 1410, its got windows 7 home premium on and its nearly 2years old i think.

    You have to use the Acer recovery programme for that. Acer e-recovery and when open you have choices. you want to choose to install a driver. So when you start Acer E-recovery, choose "Restore" and you should now see a window like below...

    choose "reinstall drivers and applications!" Or similar

    Now re-install the Graphics adapter/video card driver

    I'm sure you will choose the right 1.

    Then you may have to re-boot.

    Restart , sign in and that should fix it.

    Windows update has a habit of trying to update drivers for graphics on computers and laptops e.c.t. Try changing the windows update setting so that windows tells you when there is updates available but you you choose what to update. The graphics is usually in the optional update tab............untick it.

    Hope this helps


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