Laptop help :-(

    My Laptop has gone completely fuhbar
    I have both windows xp and vista installed on it.
    Now i had no power and was on vista and my laptop went on charge then i turned it off by holding the off button.
    Well, I just turned it on and it said windows vista can not be loaded becuase the system registry file was corrupt. The file is found in D:WindowsSystem32config and it said put the installation disc in and click repair. However i have instered the installation disc and,there is no repair selection therefore i cant repair it.Was wondering if anyone had any ideas?'


    Never used Vista myself but try ] if no one can help you here.


    i dont think you can run vista with windows, there are to many conficts, … i dont think you can run vista with windows, there are to many conficts, you'll proberly need to uninstall which ever you dont use, then wipe the pc and reinstall the OP you would normally use.

    This is completely incorrect - you can dual boot XP and Vista, or many other combinations of operating systems you wish although there are some choices to be made in terms of partitions, install order and boot loaders.

    spikeyjacko - when you say you are not getting the repair option, how far are you going with the install? I haven't tried a repair install with Vista but on XP, once you reached the partition manager you should then have the option to repair an install. However I have come across a problem which sounds very similar to yours in which the system file has become corrupted and Windows no longer sees the install as a valid Windows one which means you don't get the option to do a repair install.

    The workaround I found and used was to replace the system file with a new one from your Vista CD, I'm not at a PC where I have the favourites for the process but if you do a search for that error or something along the lines of "unable to do repair install" you should find some information on how to do it.

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