Laptop help? Budget upto £2500

Posted 24th Oct
Hi All

Just wondering if anyone could help me with which laptop to get.

I have been given a budget of upto £2500 for a laptop for work. I use my laptop to run various programmes as I work with PLC's (Programmable Logic Controllers) and my current laptop is running slow so I've been allowed to order a new one but have no idea what to get?

Any ideas what I should be looking for? AMD, i7, i9? Will need a fair bit of RAM to run all the programmes.

Thanks for any help given (links would be even better to any laptops).

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Look for at least an i5. Go for a SSD over a standard hard disk too.
If the RAM isn't great on a laptop, you can always purchase it separately and upgrade. You probably need a minimum of 8GB but I'd recommend at least 16Gb
With that sort of silly money you should be looking at an Intel XEON processor machine with 128GB of memory running WINDOWS 10 Pro for Workstations. In preferential order I would be looking at Lenovo, Dell and HP.
And if your work does not require a mobile laptop why not think about a desktop?
A Dell XPS 9570 is the sort of thing you should be looking at for a windows environment, but will likely be about half that budget.
Look at dells i9 range (XPS) developers at my workplace have it
Are you looking for portability or ruggedness?

A ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 2 is a good choice, they are fast, portable and have great keyboards.
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Get i9, don’t touch AMD
Look at least an i7, 16gb, ssd, rtx2080 for that money... but that’s for gaming for what you need look at spec of what you are doing also if it’s work related they will advise you...
Thanks for all your help

tardytortoise - will have a read through the guide before choosing
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