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Found 6th Aug 2010
Laptop Toshiba SA60-302 Model PSA60E
Was working fine all day on Sunday, shutdown cleanly and the next evening wouldn't boot up

Error No Bootable CD in ATAPI CD-ROM Intel UNDI, PXE-2.) (build 082) copyright 1997-2000 Inter Corp for Realtex RTL8139(X)/8130/88210X PCI Fast Ethernet Controller V2.13 (020326) Client MAC ADDR...GUID ... no boot filename received PXE-M0F Exiting PXE ROM press any key when ready.

Any key pressed results in same msg. Have checked no CD or device loaded in CDROM, boot priority is HDD-FDD-CD-ROM-LAN Network boot protocol= PXE.

Tried again today and it booted up without error, copied my files just in case and so glad I did as I again tried to power up and got similar message but with PXE E61 Media test failure, check cable. Only cable attached was power lead and still got same message if trying using battery power only.

Is this repairable or is my hard drive knackered and I’m better off getting another laptop? This one is 7 years old but suits my needs & money is tight.

Laptop has just come up cleanly after leaving it for an hour (got sidetracked on photo thread for 2010)


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Photo Thread for anyone interested

Download/burn to CD Ultimate Boot CD and run the exhaustive test of one of the hard drive diagnostic tools.

May be drive is faulty or may be it's just Windows - the drive is more likely so (due to the intermittent nature of the fault).

The various error messages you are getting on boot up are because the computer is looking for a disk/CD/networked drive to run Windows from, but it can't find one.

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Thanks Summoner, I'll give that a go, thanks again for taking the time to reply.:D
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