Found 24th Jan 2008
turned my laptop today and at startup got the message......

operating system not found

thought it was the hd- replaced it but still same message

in bios no hd is recognised

also doesnt recognise cdrom drive

can anyone advise?


check the connections on the hdd and optical(cd drive)

if you got someone to replace the hdd they probably havnt installed it correctley, especially if the bios is not detecting it, i would check the connections then see what happens:thumbsup:

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dont reckon its a connection issue as its a laptop where u just slot the hd in place.

im going crazy over this!

I work in IT and see this quite often on Samsung laptops. 99% of the time it is where the clips holding the HDD cable have worked loose.

It all depends on what laptop you have and what type of HDD is installed. I'd remove the cable and reseat it, if there are clips make sure both sides are pushed down.

Good luck.

hum dunno then , sorry mate, good luck.

long shot....does your laptop have a floppy drive ?

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long shot....does your laptop have a floppy drive ?


everything is as is when it was working but then i switched it on and got the error . cannot go beyond this stage.

hd not faulty- doesnt pick any hds in bios

if the hard drive has been replaced with a new one it wont have an os to find,
try pulling out the cd drive and see if bios picks up new hdd then, if still no joy probably drive controller on mainboard failed

Try resetting the bios if you can.

As you know you'll not get anywhere until the bios can see the hard drive.

take it to a pro


take it to a pro

that DOESNT mean PC World or The Tech Guys.


that [COLOR=Blue]DEFINITELY [/COLOR]DOESNT mean PC World or The Tech … that [COLOR=Blue]DEFINITELY [/COLOR]DOESNT mean PC World or The Tech Guys.

[COLOR=Black]Corrected your omission for to tomm:thumbsup:[/COLOR]
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