Laptop help needed again!!

    My mate's laptop won't accept the internet on it. It's blueyonder the internet is plugged in fine. I haven't got the specs of the laptop but I could get them in about half hour (when they get back home) any tips or anything on what it could be?
    Also, I did ask if they had the different cables to plug in to the laptop (the ethernet and the other one) and she only had the one, can't remember which one though.


    if its running through the ethernet then make sure the adaptor is turned on in the bios. if it is then make sure the driver is correcty installed, if its not either of these then run the network setup wizard to tell xp that the internet comes through the ethernet port

    specs wont matter
    you need to post the detail of LAN properties

    its on START - control panel - network connection - (right click) Local Area Network - klick properties tab


    right click the small two-computer icon on the bottom left of your screen - click status -click properties

    post the details here so we can figure out whats wrong

    im sorry, theres another way to check where the problem is: your mates laptop or the router:
    do a power cycle reset.

    unplug all power connection of the modem, the router and the laptop.
    wait for around 10 minutes (longer is better)
    power on the modem first, then the router and finally the laptop
    see if this solve the problem.

    if not post the LAN properties as stated in my reply above
    good luck

    Original Poster

    I'm in for a bumpy night as my son's dummy's disappeared, thank you for your suggestions but I'll have to try and do it tomorrow instead as my son needs me at the moment.
    Thanks again for your help and I'll be updating this tomorrow!!
    Night all xxxx
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