Laptop help needed please!!

    We have always had a desktop pc but now are in the market for our 1st laptop. Thing is we know nothing about what sort of thing we need so hoping for a little advice.

    We have a budget of £350, hubby has seen this one (link in 1st post) but its no longer available on the dell website so im wondering if it's an old version??

    Best place to go for a laptop? Good brand? I use Quidco so would be helpful if i could get something back

    Thanks xx


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    Thanks, that looks pretty good! Not that i have much of a clue what they are talking about on the thread?!?! Lol

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    bump up for some more advice xx

    Oh and do most laptops come with Vista? I have no idea what it is as ive always had windows xp

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    Heap of ****.


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    Thanks, i think x
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